Gallery 2.0 Rocks

I’m continually involved in PHP development for various products. I enjoy programming, particularly using PHP and a very fast database, such as MySQL or Oracle, and part of the enjoyment I get from web application development is the very real sense of building an immediately useful tool, something that someone with a problem to solve […]

Elephant (2003)

Have you ever been looking at a street corner when an accident occurs, when you can see what is going to happen but there just isn’t time to call out and act to stop the collision? Or, worse, have you found yourself unable to move, transfixed by what is seemingly destined to happen, and incapable […]

Why Blog?

Why blog? Why indeed. It is a valid question. I tend to abhor trends, Internet and otherwise, until I actually see utility in an activity. And blogging, as trendy as it continues to be, has tended to show little utility to me, mostly due to the fact that he majority of the blogs available have […]