Cringely Comes Around

It looks like Robert X. Cringely has come around, and his latest article seems to echo, in large part, some of my ideas for where Apple may take this new fangled virtualization thing. I even got my thoughts mentioned on Macintouch about it. (I’m the second comment on that day.) The point that we seem […]

Crying Uncle

My brother, Jaymie, and his wife, April, celebrated the birth of their first child, Jacob Avery Pennington, today, Easter Sunday, April 16th, 2006. Mother and child are doing fine. Here are some photos: Click here to view some photos of the new kid and his adoring family This makes me, for the first time, an […]

Boot Camp, then … Detente?

Apple Computer’s unveiling of Boot Camp, the beta software designed to make it easy for Macintoshes to boot into Windows, has generated a lot of interesting prognostication about what else Apple holds up its sleeve. After reading Cringely’s column, and being one not worried about being wrong in the future, I think I understand, though […]