DJI Mavic Pro Aerial Photography

In March 2017, I got a DJI Mavic Pro, which is commonly called a “drone” but is really just a fancy flying camera. The Mavic has four foldable arms that allow the entire aircraft to fold up to something about the size of a water bottle, but it uses a camera with a gimble and can shoot 4K video. All in all, a very impressive machine.

I’ve shot a few sequences with it, and these are two of the best I’ve edited together. If I don’t crash it, I hope to add more soon!

One Second Everyday – October to December 2016

Since 2013, I’ve been recording one second every day using the 1 Second Everyday app and saving them to 3-month and year-long movies. I continued doing this through 2016 but stopped after New Years Eve, so these are the last movies from that effort.

I’ve enjoyed saving these seconds and preserving snippets of time with family and friends, and I think these seconds will be more valuable to me in the future, as way to go back and relive, if just for a moment, a small part of my day from over a 3.5 year period.

10th Annual Memphis Walk


For the 10th iteration of our annual walk across Memphis, Richie, Robert, John, and I wandered south from the cobblestones of downtown, through Tom Lee Park, and over into Arkansas, thanks to the wonderful, new Big River Crossing.




During the time we’ve been doing these walks, we’ve seen a transformation at the riverfront. From new structures, like Beale Street Landing, to a beach volleyball court near Riverside Drive, to the completion of the Riverwalk, it has been rewarding to watch Memphis invest in fun things to do downtown. The Big River Crossing is the latest icing on the cake, which still far from being finished.




After crossing back to Tennessee on sidewalk next to I-55, we continued heading south, going through the French Fort neighborhood and Riverside Golf Course, eventually going into T.O. Fuller State Park, where a golf course has been allowed to return nature, with beautiful results.





After being hassled by the modern version of a railroad bull, we made our way over to Hwy 61, before returning downtown via Uber for some well-deserved beers.

Another year, another wonderful walk, with warm, pleasant weather. More photos here.


Cinque Terre

The mythical “five lands” were simultaneously different from one another, generally packed with tourists, stunningly beautiful at times, struggling to hold onto their identities, and worth the time to explore.

We managed to visit them all, except Corniglia. Vernazza was probably my favorite. No real reason; just the best vibe for me.


For our time in the Cinque Terre, we elected to use a tiny town in the hills above Levant, Lavaggiorosso, as a base.

This place featured little in the way of cell coverage, but it made up for it in charm and authenticity, with nothing but walking paths through the village and beautiful scenery on either side of the ridge we were perched.


Kath and I stopped overnight in Turino, just to take a look around. We encountered giant, magical creatures in the central square, plus a soaring tower just outside of downtown. It was the perfect break before the tourist crush of the Cinque Terre.