POTD 31/365 – Random Hair Extensions


The hair extensions have been across the street from my house for weeks.

Interestingly, they’ve never blown away or been washed away by rain. By now, I’m having a little experiment to see how long they can withstand the elements.

I’m also wondering how they got there. Did a couple of Moms from Snowden School get into a fight one afternoon, or what?

POTD 17/365 – Fernet


I recently rediscovered a bottle of Fernet-Branca that had been squirreled away years ago, after having been purchased in Prague and brought over by request, possibly by my brother.

According to Wikipedia, Fernet  “is a type of Amarillo, a bitter, aromatic spirit.” I agree. You can find it in some places in the US, especially in NYC and San Fran.