After getting situated in an agriturismo above town, we rolled into Siracusa (Syracuse) to wander around Ortigia and get a bite to eat. We were only there for a few hours, but Siracusa turned out to be one of the more pleasant places we’ve visited in Sicily. Wandering the tiny ancient streets and shopping in […]


We are spending the night in Enna, a hilltop town in the center of Sicily. Enna is a very pleasant, beautiful place, and you can see mountains on both sides of Sicily from it. The place is very vertical. This is the view from our hotel room window.

Great B&B in Western Sicily – Al Frantoio, Valderice

We usually don’t write about the places we stay when we travel. Most of the time, they are nothing special, or we aren’t their long enough to appreciate the amenities. However, occasionally, we discover a gem that that provides everything: a comfortable place to rest, a strong connection to the local area, and friendly folks […]

Southwest Sicily

We saw and experienced so many wonderful things today that I’m sure I’m going to miss something, but first things first: Katherine and I were married 15 years ago today. We spent our day doing what we love: exploring the world and relishing the new and unexpected. We are fortunate in so many ways, surrounded […]


After a late breakfast on the rooftop veranda of our hotel, we enjoyed a lovely day in the mostly-medieval hilltop town of Erice.. At one point, there were dozens of churches in the town, and many have been restored to their past glory, complete with their artwork and iconography. The elevation of Erice kept it […]

Hot, Hot Palermo

We only scheduled about 24 hours in Palermo for this trip, and we are both thinking that will be plenty. The heat has us recalling our trip to Morocco in 2009, and Palermo strikes me as similar to Fez, a old, even ancient, city that is self-assured in its importance. You can see the layers […]