Blast from the Past – Meeting a Wild Elephant in 1999

Taken on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls, this is a photo of an elephant preparing to charge us while we are on a horse riding tour of a park near the river. We got a little too close to the elephant, who turned toward us and started to act aggressively. Thankfully, our guide was […]

Blast from the Past – Kayaking in the Southern Ocean

Kath took this photo of me while we were kayaking around a bay in the Southern Ocean, off the coast of Cintsa, South Africa, in 1999. This was before I watched the various great white shark specials on the Discovery Channel. This area has around the highest number of reported attacks in the world, per […]

Blast from the Past – South African Sundowner

Along the southern coast of South Africa, many of the hostels have this great tradition, called a sundowner. Basically, it involves buying a few boxes of wine, taking out the bags from the boxes, tying a rope to two corners of the wine bag (making it easier to sling over your shoulder), grabbing some cups […]

Blast from the Past – truk and kath in Istanbul, 1997

I’m wrapping up a personal project of digitizing all of my photos, mostly going back to scanning the negatives, and in these dark days of winter, I thought I would share a few of the better ones that I’ve come across. The photo above was taken on our honeymoon in August 1997, while we were […]