Why Blog?

Why blog? Why indeed.

It is a valid question. I tend to abhor trends, Internet and otherwise, until I actually see utility in an activity. And blogging, as trendy as it continues to be, has tended to show little utility to me, mostly due to the fact that he majority of the blogs available have little novel to say. In addition, a blog is most closely associated in my mind with a journal, a personal journal. But there is little personal about the web, and that is a good thing.

However, recently, I’ve come to realize that I’ve started to treat the Internet like television. In short, I’ve become the online version of a couch potato, reading what others write, viewing what other make available, and, more and more, I’m not giving back. I’m not giving my own views in light of what I learn, particularly when those views actually are original and enlightened. (Hey, it is rare but it happens.) I’ve been using the Internet since the late-1980s. I’ve been building webpages for over 10 years now. My natural inclination is toward two-way communication. Blogging would provide the ability to put my thoughts out into the public sphere for feedback and, hopefully, refinement.

I would also like a easy to way to post information about what Kath (my wife) and I are up to, so that I don’t need to rely so much on email. Blogging fits that requirement nicely.

Does this sound like self-justification? Probably. But who is going to read this thing anyway.

Wait. I guess you just did…

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  1. Welcome to the blogwagon. I only started one to keep up with two of my friends I met here in KC that moved. Now I have made some friends in other countries and old college and high school friends keep in touch now. So even though I spend way to much time reading other blogs, I occasionally put what I’m doing out there. Anyway, I occasionally check out the truk.com site to see if you had updated it and wondered why you hadn’t used it for blog. Now you are. Very cool. Hope all is well with you guys! Yours and Kath’s present is still sitting in my blue room. I suck as a friend. Someday, you’ll get it. The show just opened this past weekend, so I have more time this week. Fingers crossed.

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