Yucatan 2004 Movie

truk and kath at the Top of the Pyramid at Chitzen ItzaYou would think that, having just returned from the South Island of New Zealand and Sydney, I would be posting more stories, photos, and such from the trip. And I will. However, I wanted to clean up a project from our last big trip, the one we took to the Yucatan in July of 2004. Kath and I took a lot of video from that trip, and I’ve finally finished compiling the best video shots into a ~30 minute movie.

Click here to view the Yucatan 2004 movie [Quicktime required; 74 MB]

After you click the link, please be patient while the movie loads! It can take a few minutes for it to set up to play, but it will start playing. Given its size, you should only attempt to watch the movie on a broadband, such as a cable or DSL, connection. Regardless, if you want to see still images of the trip, click here. You can click the View Slideshow button and watch the images move by at your own pace.

More stories on the December 2005 trip are pending. Please stay tuned…

One thought on “Yucatan 2004 Movie”

  1. The movie they’ll be talking about for years.

    Who can forget that classic refrain, “Where are we, Katherine?”


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