Do You Want to Play a Game?

Today’s Trivia Question: What was the first country to win two consecutive World Cups (1958 and 1962)?

I’ve learned something interesting about blogging, namely, that it is like a lot of other useful things that you might do on a computer: Any activity for which you can get paid for doing with a computer, such as programming, will trump any non-paid activity, such as blogging.

I’ve been burning the midnight oil a lot over the past few months working on various for-hire programming efforts. I’m trying to develop a strategy to that will allow me to write on this site daily, in spite the fact that I spend too much time in front of a computer anyway.

Speaking of computers, as any reader of this site might note, I’ve talked in the past about the potential of the Intel-based Macs, and I’m writing this on a relatively new MacBook. In short, I can say that all of the hype wasn’t really hype at all; the machine performs wonderfully and is easily the best computer I’ve ever owned. More on that later.

The new format for my postings will involve a trivia question and then an update on what I’ve been thinking about, playing with, enjoying, or whatever. Each trivia question will be answered the following day, but feel free to post your answers to the trivia question in the comments.

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