Photos Made Up of Other Photos

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One of the most fascinating things I’ve found on the Internet in the past couple of weeks is actually a new Getty Images (viral marketing) technique to get you to look at their photo collection (which is available, for a price, to be used in marketing materials or whatever). Check out Light, which puts you in a virtual environment to fly around and zoom into images to reveal even more images, and Information, which lets you continously zoom into an image until you have actually revealed another image, which you can then zoom into again.

(Both of these sites require Adobe Shockwave to be installed on your computer, which is a cousin to Flash, a widely-installed web plug-in. If you use Firefox as a web browser (and you should), you may need to install Shockwave manually, but you really need to have that plug in anyway.)

As you play with either of these sites, you will find out that the shading used in each of the images naturally decides the images from the collection used to make up that shading. After a while, you can start to predict the images that will appear once you have zoomed into a particular level. Still, it is pretty cool to be able to zoom into picture and see other images. Kinda reminds me of that Simpsons intro that zooms into Homer’s head, though atoms and then universes and ends up back at Homer’s head again. Anyone remember which season and show that was?

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