Bukowski’s in Boston

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Bukowskis in BostonRarely does an establishment named in honor of an individual live up to that person’s stature in life, and rarer still is that same establishment truly symbolically linked to that person. (Monuments are another story.)

Bukowski’s Tavern in Boston bucks this trend. I found this gem just a half-block from my hotel, and expecting something mildly disappointing and not worthy of a visit from Henry Chinaski. Boy, was I wrong.

OK, the place really is a dive. I think every scrap of the inside of the place is painted black, and it’s pretty dark after the sun goes down. However, you aren’t here to take in the decor. This place is all about the beer. The kegs are local (with a lot of all over New England), microbrews, and fresh, and the staff really takes the time to clean the lines during every keg change. They also have a great selection of bottled beers from all over the world. And don’t even try to stump the bartender with trivia questions; they’ll school ya.

If you find yourself in the Back Bay area of Boston with a good book and raging thrist, do what Charles Bukowski would do: Make your way to Bukowski’s Tavern and order a $3 Pabst Blue Ribbon draft. Then have a better beer, like a Berkshire Lost Sailor IPA. And another. And another.

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