Jeff and Katy are in London, and the Family Circus Makes the Most Sense when Written by Nietzsche

First, we have to get the most rediculous claim out of the way: The Family Circus makes the most sense when the text written to accompany the artwork is actually quotes by Nietzsche. Don’t believe me? Well, check out this site:

Now, I know that Family Circus rip-offs are nothing new, but if you click the Refresh link to get a new comic and read through a few, it all, surprisingly, makes sense.

If you haven’t read in a while, definitely check it out. Jeff and Katy are in London (for some period of time), and Jeff is blogging about their adventures. Even through we are headed to Costa Rica soon, I sure wish I could be in London now. I’ve never had the good fortune to visit the UK.

In other news, Kath and I really enjoyed our trip to Coralville, Iowa, which is just north of Iowa City, last weekend. We visited with my brother and his family. Jacob sure is cute.

Jaymie and April were wonderful hosts, and the weather was wonderful. I found Iowa pretty interesting, haven’t never visited before. It seems like the kind of place where planned suburbia actually works, unlike most places I’ve visited and lived.

Oh, and we got to navigate a corn maze! (It is harder than it sounds, or maybe the difficulty of our maze was pretty high compared to others; I have no comparison.) Click here for some photos of our trip taken by Jaymie and April. Update [October 12]: I finally got around to posting our photos of the trip.

Lastly, my birthday was a week or so ago, and some friends posted some photos of me, some of which are over 12 years old now. Yikes… Enjoy!

truk in Prague, Fall 1994

Jeff and truk leaving for Prague, August 1994

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