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Spain and Morocco – May 2008 – Bilbao Guggenheim

In May 2008, Kath and I went on a wonderful trip to Spain and Morocco with Dave and Christina, and we had a wonderful time experiencing life in the small towns in northern Spain and contrasting that with the modern hustle-and-bustle of large Spanish and Moroccan towns.

Since we got back, I’ve been too busy to sit down and write about the experience, and I’m still too busy today. I’m hoping, thought, to start posting images from that trip, with a quick description of what we were doing, as a way to get down my thoughts before I forget many of the experiences. Undoubtedly, this will get very non-linear, so please excuse the jumping around.

Bilbao Guggenheim with Spider

The first photo was taking from a bridge (the Puente Principes de España) looking down on the Guggenheim. Kath and I had just toured the museum and were out getting a breath of fresh air. From here, you can see the side of the Guggenheim that faces the Nervion River, including the spider sculpture, called Maman (1999), and the walkway along the water, which gives you the sense of floating above the water. A storm was moving in, but we were able to make it across the bridge and back along the other side before it started drizzling.

As you can see, the Guggenheim building is simply stunning, covered in thin, shaped sheets of titanium. The way it reflects the sky and the colors around it gives you the sense of water, frozen but not ice, carved into wave-like shapes, at the same time functional and true to its surroundings.

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2 replies on “Spain and Morocco – May 2008 – Bilbao Guggenheim”

Gorgeous photo. Have to say I’m a little jealous…have been wanting to go to Spain for a couple of years now. Thank you for sharing!

PS we have a similar spider sculpture at the Kemper Museum here in KC. I need to look up the artist though. Can’t imagine they’re from the same person.

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