A Sight Beyond Words, While Stuffed with Pizza

I’m writing this from the comfortable confines of a small hotel on the Almalfi Coast, in central Italy, located in the tiny town of Praiano, roughly in this location. It took us about 24 hours, door-to-door, including a few hours in Montecassino so I could check out the terrain of the WWII battle there that I’ve been fascinated with since reading the excellent book, The Day of Battle by Rick Atkinson.

007_montecassino_truk_kath_autophoto 009_montecassino_cassino

We are in an exquisitely beautiful spot, and I’m enjoying a free wifi signal from a nearby house under a perfect blanket of stars, dimmed only by the light from my laptop screen.

I’ll post some photos soon, as we pass the next few days exploring the area. For now, we are just exhausted from the trip and looking to get our strength back tomorrow.

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