Jeff Parker Retrospective – Day 5

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This picture was taken in July 1997 at my wedding. Notice that Jeff now is sporting shorter hair, indicating he has reformed his hippie ways. (Yeah, right!)

Also pictured are Aaron and Scott.

Jeff Parker Retrospective – Day 3

I’m not exactly sure what Scott, Jeff, John, Aaron, and I were doing in Warsaw in late-1994, but I seem to remember that it had something to do with sightseeing, locating the Warsaw subway (hint: there isn’t one), and getting our first taste of Taco Bell in months.

In this photo, Jeff exhibits the cool confidence of a world explorer, sporting a Parker Construction t-shirt and trademark flannel. Good times, good times.

Jeff Parker Retrospective – Day 2

You think you might know Jeff Parker, the man, or Jeff Parker, the father, but did you know that there is also … Jeff Parker, the farmer?

I don’t exactly remember what what going on in this photo, but Jeff appears to be tilling up the dirt around one side of the House of the Rising Sun to plant a garden. Who knows how green Jeff’s thumb turned, but you can tell that he is either a master tiller or he is just getting started, because he is still mud-free…

Jeff Parker Retrospective – Day 1

I just got back to Memphis tonight after yet another wonderful Memorial Day weekend at the Parker Lakehouse. (Thank you, Parker Family, for the fun, fellowship, and food!)

Anyway, when we were getting ready to leave, I randomly got the idea to post a week of photos of Jeff Parker. The first one covers a trip we made to Montana and Wyoming in 1992. In this photo, we’ve made it to the Canadian border, somewhere around Glacier National Park. Jeff, in the hat, has crossed over to Canada, and I think Sarah Doering (then, Cooper) took this picture.

Today, the trip is a bit of a blur in my memory, but I remember this scene clearly. The brilliance of the day, the width of the sky, and rapidly changing weather.