Across the Divide to Polebridge




Traveling from east to west across Glacier NP met our expectations, with soaring views, cool breezes, walks across meadows still filled with snow, and traffic. Lots and lots of traffic.

But enough about the Going to the Sun Road. That has been written about and photographed extensively. I want to talk about where we are now staying: Polebridge, MT. Or do I?

I began having this debate in my head while driving to a closed Canadian border post: When we come across something beautiful, an amazing thing, but a thing that is only that way because it isn’t crushed by people and their credit cards and minivans and loud, pointless talking, should we attempt to describe its wonder (and location) to others?

After an hour, I reached my decision. And I have nothing more to say on Polebridge.

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You’re turning into Jeremiah Johnson the longer you stay out in the woods. Next thing you know you’ll get a hankering for buffalo skins.


Great pictures, guys, I am happy you are enjoying God’s country. Katherine, your dad and I had a wonderful time in Yellowstone, hope you and Stacey have as much fun on the rest of your trip as we did.


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