Clinton Back to Memphis

The rest of the Circle Arkansas trip was relatively uneventful, as we raced the sun back to Memphis. The sun won, setting about 45 minutes before we rolled back into town, but even passing through some of the flattest country, around Des Arc, the setting sun set the trees turning colors afire, with beautiful explosions of yellows and reds, only rivaling some of the colors we had seen along the ridgelines of the Ozarks earlier in the day.

Big thanks go out to Scottie (I hope you get  your bike running again soon), Chris, and Wisch (who kept my front tire aired up long enough for me to limp home).

The route can be seen in some detail here, if you are interested. More photos are pending.

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Sounds great.
(Can’t wait to hear more about it in person *next* week!)

See you soon,

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