Circular Quey to Parramatta and Back

Larry and I headed into the center of Sydney yesterday, looking for some enlightenment and adventure.

The first stop was the Australian Museum, beside historic Hyde Park, in downtown Sydney. There, we saw very cool skeleton exhibits, some interesting 1920s movies and photography from New Guinea, and a relatively out-dated look at Aboriginal Australians. Among the artifacts on display was a boomerang made in La Perouse marked “Artist Unknown,” even though a 20-minute bus trip with the artifact to talk to the local community here would likely positively identify it as a Timbery-made tourist item.

We then hopped the ferry to Parramatta, which is upstream on the Parramatta River and the furthest place you can go by ferry from Circular Quey. The trip was similar to what I remember from 7 years ago, except the ferry was much hotter when we left Sydney Harbor, and there was no breeze. The trip back to the city on the air-conditioned train was a relief.