Little Bay to Maroubra Beach

Yesterday, I walked from Little Bay to Maroubra Beach, along Sydney’s south coast. I didn’t bring a camera or phone with me, so no pictures, but I did see some amazing sights, and I was able to travel through some areas I’d never been through before when I lived here.

Along the way, I counted 5 rusting engine blocks that had been dumped into the sea and were resting on rocks below the cliffs, including one very old-looking straight 6. Hopping the rocks south of Malabar, I came across a collection of petrafied shells being revealed from their sandstone encasement.

In my “I really don’t have a deathwish” part of this trip, I actually (and accidentally) walked behind the target area of a live target range just south of Maroubra. I was a little lost in the scrub when I heard some pops and emerged to see the red flags at the corners of the rifle range. I ducked back in the scrub and found another way north.

Maroubra Beach, one of my favorites in Sydney, was pretty full when I strolled onto the sand, and the surfers were out in force, with some decent summer waves and a gentle off-shore breeze.