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Spain and Morocco – May 2008 – Welcome to Gibraltar

I’ve been fascinated with Gibraltar for some time, and when the opportunity to visit popped up after our return to Spain via the ferry, we stashed our bags at a hostel near the ferry terminal and took a bus to La Línea de la Concepción and walked across the border to the British overseas territory. It was as fascinating as I had hoped.

Originally, we wanted to stay in Gibraltar, but we couldn’t find a hotel with any vacancies that we could afford, so we had to settle for a few short hours and a sunset meal. While we spoke the language, Gibraltar felt as different and interesting as Spain or Morocco had been – maybe even a little more.

For example, the runway in Gibraltar runs perpendicular to the main road (Winston Churchill Ave.) that enters the town from mainland Spain. There is literally a stoplight stops you from attempting to move across the runway when a jet is taking off or landing. Every bit of flat land in Gibraltar is used in some way.

Click here to see a map of where this picture was taken

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