Jeff Parker Retrospective – Day 2

You think you might know Jeff Parker, the man, or Jeff Parker, the father, but did you know that there is also … Jeff Parker, the farmer?

I don’t exactly remember what what going on in this photo, but Jeff appears to be tilling up the dirt around one side of the House of the Rising Sun to plant a garden. Who knows how green Jeff’s thumb turned, but you can tell that he is either a master tiller or he is just getting started, because he is still mud-free…

One thought on “Jeff Parker Retrospective – Day 2”

  1. Jeff got it in his head to plant grass at the House of the Rising Sun. It was shade grass and was really thin if you looked down on it. However, since the house was on a hill, from the street it looked great! You should see that house now – painted and loved and owner-occupied!

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