Good Morning from Glacier


We pulled into the KOA on the east side of Glacier National Park about 11 last night, after over 15 hours on the road from Rapid City. Along the way, we stopped off at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming (bad weather; couldn’t really see it) and at the Little Bighorn Battlefield; interesting and definitely worth it).

After dodging cattle and horses in the road for the last 20 miles to St. Mary’s (very dangerous), we put up our tent in the dark. The morning revealed the beautiful mountains of the Park, beneath a cloudless sky and 60-degree perfect day.

One thought on “Good Morning from Glacier”

  1. Truk,

    One of my fondest memories is our trip to Yellowstone, Montana and Glacier. I can clearly recall pulling off the road outside of Glacier and taking an impromptu dip in cold, COLD lake.

    I also remember the crazy, straight-through driving to and from Memphis. It was an endurance test–one of us would we’d drive until we started hallucinating then we’d switch. When we reached the breaking point and had to stop for sleep, you wouldn’t stay in the local, fleabag motel because you’d been watching too much Unsolved Mysteries., 😉

    Great trip. I envy your return to that area.

    Have fun!

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