One Second Everyday – Last 3 Months of 2014, Plus Everything to Date

Happy New Year to everyone out there, especially those that I know that I haven’t had a chance to see yet in 2015! I hope the coming 12 months bring fun, laughter, and joy to you in everything you do throughout the year. I’m still doing the 1 Second Everything thing, so here is the […]


Katherine and I just made it into the apartment in Barcelona, and this is the view from our window. This is a famous market but is under renovation this year. Many thanks to Laura, Antonio, Guisey, Toy, Chicho, and Antonella for hosting us and putting up with all of our questions (in English, no less!) […]


For a change of pace, Katherine, Antonio, and I took the ferry over to Panarea, a nearby island to Salina. We walked around, got some sun, ate a granita, hung out a a beach, and viewed an archeological site. Panarea is a beautiful place, much smaller than Salina.


Made it to Salina! First, a crazy Ryanair flight from Marseille to Catania (Sicily), then a wonderful lunch and car ride to Milazzo (thank you, Guisy!), and then a ferry ride to Salina, where we were greeted by Laura, Antonio, and the gang. Perfect!