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some days you're the windshield."

- Unknown

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Wacky, Refined, Surprising, Wonderful Seattle
2015-04-12 11:16:06

We walked down the hill to the Olympic Sculpture Park, took in the sights and artwork, and began a walking/busing/uberring trip that took us through Capital Hill, the University District, and Fremont.

The day included everything from watching coffee roasting on Pike Street to slurping down delicious udon near UW to observing the antics of drunks on the Troll Stroll while sipping homebrew.







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Library as Architectural Marvel
2015-04-11 12:14:04

We stopped in the stunning Central Library in Seattle and marveled at all of the glass and modernism on display.






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Living Computers!
2015-04-11 12:07:55

Kudos to Kath for putting up with Seattle's Living Computer Museum while I indulged my nostalgia for old Apples, Commodores, Amigas, and DEC hardware.





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Beautiful, Sunny Day
2015-04-09 19:42:24

I had heard that Seattle had stunning spring days, when the sun is shining. Now, I believe.





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2015-04-09 19:33:40

Kath and I are rambling around the jewel of the Northwest.





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One Second Everyday - First 3 Months of 2015
2015-04-07 19:33:26

Yep, I'm still doing the One Second of the Day thing. Here are my seconds for the first 3 months of 2015.

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Katherine and Hayley Katherine
2015-01-24 20:09:42



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One Second Everyday - Last 3 Months of 2014, Plus Everything to Date
2015-01-02 09:35:08

Happy New Year to everyone out there, especially those that I know that I haven't had a chance to see yet in 2015! I hope the coming 12 months bring fun, laughter, and joy to you in everything you do throughout the year.

I'm still doing the 1 Second Everything thing, so here is the video of the last 3 months of 2014, plus a video of the entire year, as well as all seconds recorded thus far.

October 1 - December 31, 2014

All of 2014

August 4, 2013 to December 31, 2014 - All Seconds Thus Far

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8th Annual Memphis Walk
2014-10-26 23:00:04


For eight years now (see here or here or here or here or here), Richie, Robert, and I have been doing this thing where we meet at the Mississippi River cobblestones at dawn during a Saturday in the fall and walk until nearly sunset, seeing a good chunk of Memphis at a relaxed pace through out the day. For this edition of the Memphis Walk, we were joined by John Christenson, with the goal of following urban rivers.


This year, the Memphis Walk took us down Riverside Drive, past the finally-completed Beale Street Landing complex. I still think the cost of it was too high and time required for construction was too long, but at least it is here now and it is an impressive structure for visitors. I hope we are still using it 13 years from now, unlike the Pyramid. I'm sure we will still be paying for it then.



We walked through the downtown River Arts Festival before it opened for the day. I saw nearly as many food stands as artist booths, but I'm happy to see a vibrant and active South Main District.




Heading south on Main, you eventually come across one of my favorite companies in Memphis, at least in terms of the name. I love the winking screw lady...


Continuing south, we entered the area around I-55 and Crump Blvd that features a number of abandoned warehouses. I've driven past many of them before, and this was our chance to really peek inside and really take in how large, and sometimes beautiful, they are. (I even startled a homeless person that was living in the first floor of one of them.) We also came across some gems, such as an old fire engine next to a diesel repair shop.




There is also a huge recycling center in this area, near Kansas St at Wisconsin Ave, that I had never seen before.



Eventually, we circled around past the French Fort Historic District, near the National Ornamental Metal Museum, and headed south again, bypassing the turn-off to President's Island. All along the way, we could see cobblestone streets that had been covered up by multiple layers of concrete and then asphalt, which was gradually breaking up and revealing the original roadbed below.



Seeking a way to get away from the industrial area and stick closer to the river, we walked through the Riverside Golf Course, which offered bluff views of McKellar Lake and the Riverside Bayou.



Even while you are still in Martin Luther Riverside Park, you can see the steam? stacks of the Valero Memphis Refinery, just over the tree line.


After passing the scrumptious smells of Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ on Highway 61 (also South 3rd St), we turned off into an interesting area, bisected by levees and raised railroad bed and bridges that exists just to the south of I-55 and north of Nonconnah Creek. This grassy area is highly maintained and contains several gas and other fuel pipelines, as well as (possibly) the rumored direct Valero fuel pipeline that goes directly to the Memphis Airport and FedEx.


Most intriguing, there are a number of small farm operations in this area which look like something you would find in the most remote parts of the southern US, complete with horses, chickens, and other livestock. One appeared to have power run to it, while another did not.




Here, we are standing at the intersection of Nonconnah Creek and Cane Creek, trying to figure out how to cross either one of them.


Eventually, we found a shallow section of Nonconnah Creek and waded across, watching out for all of the broken glass in the creek bed.




We found what must be the boyfriend of the screw logo lady when we emerged from the woods around Nonconnah Creek in a modern warehouse district. Those two should definitely get together.



After a tasty and very filling meal at Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken and observing a minor car wreck, we headed toward Winchester Road and points east.



The Airways Blvd at Democrat Rd area of Memphis has seen better days. At the Airways Transit Terminal, we just missed the bus downtown, so we called for a car from Uber, which got us to Bardog for a quick pint in less than 15 minutes.


All in all, a fun and interesting way to spend the day.

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Scott and Lia Come to Memphis!
2014-10-26 22:39:53

Scott and Lia in the Swan

Scott and Lia spent a couple of days with us in Memphis last week. We explored the Mud Island River Park and Ornamental Metal Museum, ate Top's beef brisket from a styrofoam cup, chased after Sadie holding a tennis ball, paddled plastic animals around a symbolic Gulf of Mexico, listened to Lia recite pi to about 20 places, chowed on some pizza with Dave, Christina, and Lucky, made some pottery figures that need to be fired, and generally just caught up on each other's lives. In short, we had a blast!

We have got to go up to Rhode Island to visit the whole Douglas clan soon... Thank you to Scott and Lia for making the trip down to see us!

Scott and Lia Walk the Mississippi River Model


Lia Crosses the Mississippi

Lia Douglas at 10

Lia and Sadie

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